It’s not selfish to
pamper yourself,
take care of yourself
Rest & your
energy will be
A day at the spa is
your way of thanking
your body
Balance your life,
do care for yourself
mind, body & soul
Make your happiness,
a priority
Sometimes the best thing
to do is just call it a day,
get a massage.
Relax, Refresh &
Better time to relax is
when you have
no time for it
   Greetings from Team Yavana! Welcome this festive season with our unique beauty & wellness packages with postivity !

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Well-being is all about looking elegant, feeling good & a sense of tranquility!

Our holistic therapies are focused on all three aspects – mind body & soul, taking you through a journey of self -discovery, blissfulness and inner happiness. Our Core philosophy is wholesome wellness which is why our bouquet of services includes Skin, body, beauty & hair treatments. We have been continuously enhancing your spa experience by improving quality & variety of our services over several years.

Here at Yavana, we endeavour to relax, refresh & rejuvenate you. We make this magic happen through an exquisite blend of senses –  ambience, aroma, symphony, touch & texture. Our handpicked  therapies help you feel lighter, energetic and vibrant.

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