Wellness focus

Hungarian Massage

A 2 hour therapy in which the therapist uses fingers to press gently on the body’s pressure points. It includes a 30 min dry treatment followed by therapy using warm oil and is recommended for relaxation & activation of pressure points.

Candle Wax Massage

Warm melting candle while poured on the body, gives a feeling of relaxation, relieves stress & fatigue and aids in body’s general well being

Herbal Compress

Muslin cloth is infused with herbs and spices and then steamed to release their medicinal properties. Your therapist will then move the the potli across your body, creating a series of circular motions to aid the release of toxins and penetrate heat into the tissues.

Signature Thai

This therapy starts with dry pressure point work and continues into medium to deep pressure work using essential oils. This is a combo of classic thai style stretch massage uniquely blended with oil massage techniques